Installation Guide

Step 1  Download the plugin

① Log in to your SellerMotor account; 

② Use a computer to download plug-ins; Open the browser (support 360 security / 360 speed / QQ / Sogou);

③ Open the [Developer Mode] in the upper right corner of the browser;

Step 2 Install the plugin

① Enter chrome://extensions/ in Google Chrome, and other browsers open their [App Store] page;

② Drag and drop the downloaded plugin CRX file to this page;

③ Follow the prompts to install the new extension and click Install. If the drag and drop fails, please restart the browser, restart the developer mode, and drag and drop again.

Step 3 Start the plugin

① Click the SellerMotor icon in the upper right corner to start

② On the pop-up page, scan the WeChat code to log in