Reveal Shopify stores' secrets in one step! 

Track hit&new products, live orders, sales, social media, traffic, and more.


What can Terastore bring you? 

Store Sales Data & Best Sellers

- One-click track store level info & traffic analysis comprehensively

   inclusive of store theme, sales, keywords, rank, clicks, CPC, and

   much more.

- View hit&new releases easily.

- Click the heart, add the store to your favourites.


Live Tracking of Sales Performance

- Monitor live orders within seconds, view sales performance instantly.

- One-click download order list, save records at any time.

Gain Product Insights &
Monitor Trends in Near Real-time

- Reveal product level info and sales estimate, maintain your competitive


- One-click download reliable products data, click the picture to jump to

   the listing page.

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social media-1.png

Inspire Your Own Ad Campaigns

- Get insightful data on your competitors' marketing strategies,

   and unlock new opportunities.

- Check your competitors' every social media account including

   Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

- Get a better understanding of ad campaigns.

High-level Traffic Analysis

- Show traffic data by geography and by sources.

- Detailed traffic analysis in social media,

   affiliate networks, and keywords.

- Get the latest traffic data every month,

   and traffic variation will be always present precisely.


Grasp the Essence of Operating Shopify Stores

- Create your own favorites, keep tracking your competitors. 

- Over 600,000 Shopify stores' data can be searched on demand,

   show you the top 500 ranking.

- Help you to research Shopify stores' domain, sales, category distribution,

   and much more.


​How to use Terastore?
(1 min video)